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Learn More About 3D and the Future of Gaming…


This website is all about the future of gaming, and the development of technology for entertainment.

Just think… we have come so far in even just the last 10 years. From pixels that looked like moving polygons across big chunky screens, to sleek games where the graphics are so good you can barely tell they are graphics at all. As time goes on, these things will just get better and better. Along with the graphics developing, we will be able to do more with our entertainment than ever before. Your characters can travel to whole new worlds, explore new lives, dimensions and aspects.

Can you imagine what kind of stories will be able to be told?

As the gaming industry continues to grow with truly groundbreaking games like Dark Souls and the soon-to-be Bloodborne, I cannot wait to see what 3D gaming might produce using development kits like the Oculus. Obviously the Oculus is going to be something big, having just been bought out by a major corporation for hundreds of millions of dollars. So what can the Oculus really do?

Well, I found this video below that explains it pretty good.

If you are a developer, it might be something worth looking into. Especially if you want to get on the ground floor of a possible gaming revolution. Those on the ground floor are often the most successful after all. Okay, okay. Enough about me blabbing my digital mouth, let’s get to the actual video and check out what the Oculus can do.

And if you liked that video, then stay around because I will be writing about other elements of technology, gaming and entertainment in general.

Here’s a hurrah! to technology and the new world of 3D!

Truly, the Oculus is Hi-End 3D!




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How 3D Technology is Changing How Roofs are Built


3D technology is an amazing and fascinating resource for architects around the world. Think about it. Before a building is ever built or a roof ever put together by some contractors like the Northern Contractors, there is can be a 3 dimensional rendering of the design.

This rendering can be complete with all kinds of intriguing modules. Modules that tell about rain, the weight of water or snow upon a roof, how much the roof can hold and where the most likely wear spots will appear in any given design.

Overall, 3D moduling done right, can vastly improve how commercial roofing systems are implemented by companies like

Not only is 3 dimensional modeling like this useful for designing the right kind of commercial roofing system, but it is also important to the actual roofing contractors as a sales tool. Can you imagine how slick and cool that account rep is going to be meeting with clients when he has an app downloaded to his ipad that has complete 3D modeling resolutions to show the client? How about when he clicks through the app and can spin the roof around at the touch of his finger showing different points of strength and weaknesses?

It is an extremely well thought out idea and sales strategy. From an engineering perspective it makes total and complete sense, and from a sales perspective it makes a ton of sense too as it will help get more roofs sold. More roofs sold obviously means more income and revenue for that roofer contractor’s firm and thus even more money can be spent on marketing to grow the business even further.

It is kind of a never ending circle of awesome.

All because of new technology that is allowed by us in our modern age. Technology that in no way, shape or form could had really exist till just a few years ago. Now that is super impressive!


The video above explains more how 3D modeling roofs work. It is a basic introduction to CAD. Which if you are unfamiliar with the program CAD and are interesting in 3D modeling, I would highly recommend you to pick up the software or take a course on the subject at hand. It is an incredibly powerful software.

One day, CAD will be abel to be used on tablets to help further increase a client’s understanding of roofing needs, while also being used as a sales device.

Honestly, I am pretty excited.

As more technology becomes open for us to use, the more possibilities will there be for us to succeed with them.

Enjoy the video as much as I did! Also, get to learning 3D modeling! It is the WAVE of the future of roofing contracting everywhere! :-)

-That Guy on This Website :)